Monday, March 22, 2010

thing #13

While I was exploring various social bookmarking sites, I found several web sites that had material to complement my lesson plan for this week and for the book studies I have planned for the coming six weeks. I found one site that has interactive lessons, including a lesson to teach story elements through Cinderella. Searching by tags brought up a slew of useful sites for specific topics.
Social bookmarking can be a great way for teachers to share good web sites with their students on research projects, and for librarians to share great web sites on just about anything.
I am not sure I understand discovery exercise # 3 correctly:
3. See if you can figure out how to share your delicious site with others (students).
This is what I was thinking:
To share my delicious site with others , I make my bookmarks public (not mark them ‘private’) ,or give my username to my students so that they may find the bookmarks I have collected. I could also share the tags I have added to the bookmarks, so that they can search by tags.

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  1. Yes, I think you can do either. I also know some people have a pivate list for things they want and use and a public list that they use for student-related items.