Friday, March 19, 2010

thing # 10

For thing # 10 I created a Wordle. Who would have guessed that this would be so easy? I am wondering how I could, for example, use a Wordle in a Power point presentation. It would make for a great opening slide, but how do you copy it into a PP? By copying code? Probably not. I will have to ask someone much savvier than me to figure that out.
Big Huge Labs is easy to use also. I made a magazine cover with it for thing # 6.


  1. you would save your Wordle as a jpg file (like a picture)
    then you would add it to PPT just like a picture. You will have to enlarge it some on the PPT screen depending on how much emphasis you want it to have, but watch out that you stretch it from corner to corner and not too much that it becomes out of focus you may have to play with the font, etc when you create it!

  2. I tried to save my Wordle as a jpg file. When that didn't work, I checked the FAQs for Wordle and this is what it says:

    Can I save as a JPEG/GIF/PNG/etc.?
    Wordle is a Java applet, and Java applets are not permitted to write anything to your disk. So, while the applet could generate a jpeg, it wouldn't be able to give it to you!

    I will try a screenshot instead. I'll report back on how that worked.

  3. Yes, you will have to capture your wordle thru a screen shot.

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