Saturday, March 20, 2010

thing #12

What struck me as the two most important guidelines for blogging were
1.Remain respectful in your comments.
2.Make your blog and your comments count.
Especially when commenting on someone else's contribution, try to contribute something new instead of just commenting to be..., well, commenting. Without meaningful comments, a blog remains a monologue instead of becoming a conversation or discussion.
However, what baffles me is how people find time to continuously carry on a meaningful discussion through blogs.

Blogs that I read that are not part of the Library2Play community were TravelBlog and HarryPotterFanZone. I like to follow these two blogs because of my general interest in travel, my particular interest in everything Scottish, and my obsession with the Harry Potter books, their author, the movies based on the books, and anything else even remotely connected to the boy wizard and his world.


  1. as time progresses, I think you will discover that blogs and other online resources will become the means you may use to update your knowledge.
    Traditionally, we all have read personal journals and even bought books written by experts (and spent lots of precious dollars to receive/purchase them) and carved out time to do so.
    Now information changes so rapidly that bogs have often become the only way to read about the newest ideas or concerns or topics in discussion so you will transfer the time you spent with magazines and books to online resources.
    Can you see the time being more available?

  2. I love the Travel Blog link you posted. Thanks.

  3. I had the same thought about blogging, "how do people find the time to blog?" I suppose like everything else in life, if you have the passion for something, somehow you make the time. For example, today I watched my brother-in-law in a triathalon. How he finds the time to train, much less race is beyond my thinking. I was tired just watching the race. I think though, if you feel like you have something important to share than blogging can be give you a feeling of catharsis.

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