Sunday, January 24, 2010

thing # 5

I went to Flickr. That was another surprise! I was surprised how ignorant I am about all the possibilities that technology offers. My kids (19 and 23) are so comfortable and familiar with these sites and cannot believe that anyone could be so out of the loop.

The photo I downloaded was taken in Pompeii. My Reading I Sheltered class has just read a story about the Trojan Horse, and an informational text about earthquakes. (We started this unit before the eathquake in Haiti happened.) Next, we are going to read Pompeii --- Lost and Found and, the higher level readers, The Dog of Pompeii.


  1. How do you think your discovery of this picture resource might effect the reading activities you plan for your students or support their reading.

  2. It is so neat that we can find pictures to support our curriculum with a touch of a button! I like your picture - I taught 3rd grade the previous three years and we studied ancient civilizations, Pompeii being one of them. The only photos I showed we in books, but this is much better - can be put into powerpoint or projected onto a screen!