Saturday, February 6, 2010

thing # 6

For thing # 6 I created a magazine cover. The cover is for a pet magazine and was created in memory of my beloved dog, Chip, who died very suddenly and unexpectedly last September at the age of eight.
In the near future, I will have my students create a magazine cover for a fictional character from a novel (possibly "Stargirl").
I am also wondering if this will work for a brochure. We are reading about Pompeii in my Reading I Sheltered class, and next week my students will begin to create a travel brochure for Pompeii. I found a number of photos on Flickr that can be used for this activity.
Now that I know of these fabulous creative possibilities, I will use them for many school related and personal creations.


  1. your plans sound intriguing...hope you will share some samples along with reactions from the experience.

  2. What great ideas! Creating a magazine cover and a travel brochure will address the different learning styles and motivate students to combine technology use with content. It would be great to display these types of student projects in the library.

  3. I think the magazine cover is a great idea to get students motivated in their learning. This would be a great way for students to follow up on character analysis lessons. Thanks for the great idea!

  4. I love the idea to incorporate Flickr into creating a travel brochure! I taught 3rd grade for three years and we always did a unit on ancient civilizations, including Pompeii. I'll have to keep this in mind!

  5. Marita,
    I love your magazine cover and travel brochure ideas! I am going to try to encourage the teachers with whom I work to use them with their students.
    By the way, you did a great job on your the purse!