Sunday, April 18, 2010

thing # 15

For thing #15 I read Away from Icebergs, Into a new world of librarianship, and To more powerful ways to cooperate.
In Away from Icebergs, Rick Anderson comments that there are three “icebergs” that can threaten the success of libraries in the near future. They are the “just in case” collection , reliance on user education, and the “come to us” model of library service .
The “just in case “ collection, titles that are available just in case someone needs them, is no longer necessary. With the same information available on the internet, this frees up enormous space and money for other things.
Secondly, resources have to become as user-friendly as possible. It is the library’s responsibility to eliminate barriers between the student and the use of resources.
Lastly, in the post print era, library services have to be placed in the user's environment like the Web, to make sure as many students as possible have access to library services, and to give them access at times when they are not in school, such as after school, on weekends and during school breaks.


  1. Breaking thru those library walls and making as much as possible available 24/7 is the key to libraries...glad you see that!

  2. I like how you said that the students have access to library services when they are not in school. This is an excellent opportunity for children because I see that there are many times when my students want more time in class to learn! They can now go and find the answers to their questions using resources from the library website.